Hi there,

Here’s the Rekindle catalog for the 2018 holiday season. Below you’ll find some pictures of our current candles + a list of our fragrances. If you’re interested in holiday gifts for family and friends check out our Etsy shop (for small orders) or fill out a form submission (for orders >5 candles) on the last page of the website.

Containers (locally sourced and handmade):

+Tin Can Candles (up cycled and purchased from local homeless organizations in athens, ga)

+Ceramics (locally handmade in athens, ga)

+Mason Jars (upcycled and repurposed from locals and antique stores)

Fragrances (infused with essential oils):

+Wassail (spiced apple cider)

+Northwestern Pinewood

+Grapefruit + Mint

+Vanilla Bean

+Lavender + Lemongrass

+Apples + Maple Bourbon

+Pumpkin Spice

+Cinnamon Chai

+Vetiver + Teakwood (manly candle)